Avian & Exotic Pet Care

At our hospital, veterinary care is provided to determine if birds or exotic pets have any potentially dangerous parasites or diseases and, if so, how they can best be treated. 

We are committed to providing avian and exotic pets with the same high quality care that we do dogs and cats . Birds are well known for being slow to exhibit signs of disease, and for this reason it is recommended that birds be taken to see your veterinarian at least twice each year. 

Wellness exams, routine nail/wings/beak trims, nutrition and behavior consultations, diagnostic testing including bloodwork and x-rays are also available at our hospital. 

Whether you have birds, rabbits, snakes, geckos, chameleons or guinea pigs, our staff will give your exotic pet the care they deserve!






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  • "Beautiful office and Dr. Shokoff was very patient with Bailey and very thorough. Wonderful experience!"
    Rebecca I.
  • "I brought my dog to Dr. Shokoff for a second opinion and found out that she had been misdiagnosed from a previous vet for literally years. After a thorough set of exams and tests, it was determined that she did NOT have chronic pancreatitis. She is now living many days without having to be hospitalized with each occurrence. The office is energized and the doctors and staff are pleasant and knowledgeable. Highly recommend this office and encourage everyone to get a second opinion."
    Carole O.
  • "Dr Cerf and Dr Shokoff are an amazing team of Veterinarians! So glad to have them back in the neighborhood!"
    Laurie A.

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